Wk 2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


Me working.


Waiting for the molds to set.


Me with my plaster hand.

This was my first time plaster casting so I wasn’t exactly sure if I was doing it right but I was mostly just hoping my hand came out looking nice-ish. The process actually turned out to be pretty easy, the only thing I struggled with was getting my hand out of the sand without breaking up the sand mold. It proved to be a bit difficult and definitely a bit nerve wracking since I didn’t want to mess it up but then again, I also wanted my hand back. I ended up not liking how the first mold looked so I redid it before I mixed the plaster. When I got around to mixing the plaster though, I was getting nervous because it was looking way too thin and I didn’t have any extra plaster so I was starting to freak out but thankfully, before too long, it started to thicken up a bit which gave me some confidence and I poured the plaster into my mold. I ended up having some leftover plaster but I didn’t want to just leave it in the bucket because I didn’t want it to harden and stay there forever and my friend and I were trying to be cute so we made some dents in the shape of hearts and poured the rest in there. Overall, I really liked this experience and would love to try it again, possibly with other shapes or drawings in the sand. It’s also pretty fun to know how to make molds and castings now because it opens up a whole new doorway and hopefully I’ll get to explore through it one day.


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