Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure

Before starting this project, I was unaware of what couture and coiffure were and when explained, I really wanted to do something with coiffure because I love coloring my hair though I haven’t been able to recently since my newest hair goal requires my hair to be ultra light and I have just recently gotten there. While I was supposed to get help from my aunt(she and I are basically each other’s colorists), she wasn’t able to make it over this weekend so I had to change my plans. I went onto choosing cuisine and made a Mexican desert dish that my mom instructed me through.

I made what is called capirotada. Though the name is a bit long, it goes down easily because it’s so good. You get loaves of bread and slice them into pieces and let them dry and get stale over a couple of days which seems weird but it works out well. The first step in making this delicious dish is browning each side of the bread which was a bit hard in the beginning because it took a little bit to get used to since I was dipping each side of the bread in a little oil before putting it on the pan while also trying to make sure the middle part of the bread browned too and it overwhelmed me a bit so the first couple pieces were a little burnt. After you brown all the bread, you get a big pot as well as a sort of elevated strainer so that when you put the bread in the pot, none of it is touching the bottom(this is so the bread doesn’t end up really soggy). After you put the strainer in first, you put a layer of bread on top of it. Then, you put a sort of caramel sauce on the bread, followed by some cheese and them some sweet condensed milk. You then put another layer of bread atop that and repeat until you run out of bread. Finally, you put a lid on it and cook it all for around 20 minutes and it’s ready to eat!

I have never made this dish on my own before and I thought it might not come out so great but thankfully it did so I was happy and basically so was everyone else because my family ate it all.


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