Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk


Before the walk started, I was really looking forward to it because I thought it’d be really nice and that I might learn something new about some of the places on campus. Plus, I also thought it’d be a nice way to spend some time and I love taking photos of interesting and beautiful scenery so I was happy about this art experience. I chose to follow Dorothy McMahon because she was supposed to show off the water displays on campus and I thought it’d be a nice experience. I thought that the guides were supposed to talk about the places they were going to be showing off but Dorothy did none of that plus she didn’t really seem to know what she was doing. She was basically just talking to a friend the whole time while walking from water display to water display and even led us to what sounded like a place with running water but sounded more like some sort of water processor which we could not see meaning she didn’t really plan out the walk since she didn’t know how to reach the water area there. Nonetheless, it was still a good experience. I got some good shots on my phone even though my phone doesn’t have very great quality. When taking the photos, I was mainly looking for how the light hit the scene and how everything tied in with the angle I had. Since we were on a class photowalk, there was a lot of people around which kind of ruined many of the photos but some were still indisputably eye catching and beautiful. I especially enjoyed the Japanese Gardens because even though I have been there multiple times before, I had never seen the water so clear and being able to see the fish like that was great.



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