Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Lauren Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice
Media: Ceramic, Clay, 3D Clay
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Mrswdubayoo.com
Instagram: andreawilliammms

Andrea Williams is an undergraduate here at CSULB School of Arts and is majoring under ceramics. She is supposed to graduate after this semester. She grew up around the arts in Riverside were she was born and raised and she even plays the drums. As well as being a student here, she is also a mother. She also has many animals such as pigs, dogs, and chickens. Another thing that greatly influences her life and artwork is that she is Christian.

Her work is made of clay and looks very rough and rugged to to the touch. This gives her work a look of texture and makes her work look more surreal. Because her goal is to largely make textural works, I would say she’s doing quite well.

Williams’s work centers a lot around religion and faith as well as roles. A lot of her works are very provocative in nature and just by the initial impact they make when someone first sees them. Many pieces include nude or half nude women playing a religious role and Williams explained that it wasn’t meant to be or offend religion but to express womens’ roles.

To me, her work is very expressive of what she believes in. A lot of time, when people see work like hers, they try to avoid looking at it because of what it shows and how the media portrays we should feel about it. I also found it very interesting because when you look at her works without talking to her, you’d believe they’re all revolved around religion but after you talk to her you find out they’re not. You find out they center more on womens’ roles and that just kind of opens up your eyes to her work and what it actually means.


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