Full name’s Emelia. My parents thought it’d be fun to do something that sounded like gemela which is Spanish for twin. I’m a twin by the way. My parent’s happen to be the most powerful angel and demon that have yet to exist. Ironic, I know but somehow they fell in love and here we are today. Needless to say I tend to be a little bipolar. As a result of my heritage, both my sister and I have a lot of power running in our veins and there are a lot of people out to get us and recently, my sister being the nicer and more trusting of the two of us, was abducted and I traced her back to Moonbase Alpha. I will find her, I don’t care what stands in my way. To the moon, Earth, stars or galaxies, no matter where she’s been taken, I will find her.

On my hunt for my sister I’ve run into some people along the way, check on them for me, will you?


Lorika is the absolute best! When I crash landed onto Moonbase Alpha she helped me “steal” a new ride! (She thinks I don’t know it belonged to her army and she basically gave it to me.) Oh! Did I mention she’s in line to be queen? She’s conflicted about it though so while she helped me with a new spaceship, I helped her feel normal so it’s a win win!

Ken Jones

Ken Jones is my tech guy. I have a problem, he fixes it. He has a new gadget, I test run it for him though sometimes they get me in trouble. Then again, sometimes, they save my life. Whenever they work that it, you should totally check out his stuff though.


Evangeline Evangeline, where art thou Evangeline? Though her name sounds otherwise, I know she has a wicked side within her so watch out if you meet her.

Juju Bee

Juju Bee has been one of the best people I’ve know so far! I actually broke into her house in search of some food and to my surprise, she walked in on me… Needless to say it was an awkward way to meet. More surprising was that she actually told me to stay and made me something to eat. Weird, I know but I’ve been crashing at her place ever since. P.S., if you ever visit, watch out for the virtual guard bear, it’s quite the jump scare.

Mr. Darhk

Cue the creepy music. While most people seem to stay away from Mr. Darhk, I’m trying to find out more about him. He seems like a shady guy and though he tells me otherwise, I have a feeling he knows something about my sister.


Though her name implicates otherwise, Valentina doesn’t want anything to do with love. She’s the definition of sass with class and we made a deal that if I got her buggy ex-boyfriends(yes, multiple; she’s such a heartbreaker, I know) to step off, she’d give me temporary access to the company that wants to use my sister.

Princess Brownfish

Princess Brownfish is part of the other royal family here at Moonbase Alpha. Though her family is not currently in reign, they do everything they can to make situations sketchy for Lorika and her family. If you meet Princess Brownfish, I wouldn’t put much faith into what she says, all she wants is her crown.


When I first met Lulu, I was a bit taken aback on her appearance but I suppose every day is a new day. She’s half rabbit and half human and is looking for a cure and I told her if she helped me get my sister back, she and I could use some of our power to try and help her. I’m not sure whether or not to trust her yet but for now she hasn’t gotten on my bad side so that’s a start.


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