Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

This week for our art experience, we did something different and it kind of made me see things in a new way. I had never really deeply thought about capturing ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages in photographs or words to be very different from the actual experience. Obviously, the kind of experience truly makes the difference but nonetheless, I’m not sure if words and picture truly can capture the experience because sometimes a camera lens puts what’s in front of it to a grand fault or doesn’t capture everything, doesn’t capture the motion or the vibrancy or the joy or horror and the same goes for words. Many times experiences are just too indescribable to put into words and so words, no matter the form, are just not quite enough.The only other way to share an experience that I can think of is to film it and that way, you can see everything going on as well as hear it but that also has it’s own restraints.

I do believe the act of trying to document an experience takes away from the experience because then you’re more likely to be more focused on trying to get a good shot by perfecting the angle and lighting of the picture and you’d be more focused on documenting then actually participating.

My experiences between not taking pictures at the library and taking pictures at the bookstore were different because I felt more immersed and not distracted while in the library while when I was in the bookstore, taking pictures was most of my focus.

When it comes to having new insights about the nature of spaces, I reflect back on the library experience and I find it so weird that when we were reading in the downstairs area, they wanted us to leave because it wasn’t for reading even though we were in a library and I just found that ironic but I was thinking how if it was only a few of us, they wouldn’t have said anything but since it was so many of us, I felt that they probably were overwhelmed and thought we were going to do something bad.


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